Wheelchair are one of the oldest form of medical supporting equipment in modern medicines.It helps many people around the world to cope with their disability whether short term or long term.But one of the crucial and vital thing which people often find confusing is choosing the best wheelchair for their needs.There are a lot of types and models available.Our site deals with this problem and our mission was to help our readers to select the best wheelchair suited for them.

There are a wide variety of wheelchair types.Every different situation demands a specialised wheelchair .Also there are many factors like age ,weight ,portability etc.Different types of wheelchairs are listed below.

  1. Portable Wheelchairs

Portable wheelchairs are very convenient for travelling and also for emergency patient transport.They are usually light weight too.We have collected the best portable wheelchairs of 2018.They are best suitable if you need to travel a lot.A wide variety of portable chairs are available.

2 . Electric Wheelchairs

The invention of electric motorized wheelchairs drastically changed the market field of wheelchairs.They provides better control and are self operable.This facts helps the user to navigate with out any external help.Also they can attain a speed of around 5 miles/hr so provides faster navigation.The equipment is very costly than conventional chairs but is worth of its price.Better suited for people who need permanent wheelchair usage or for longer time of usage.Most of them are even portable too.Before buying an electric wheelchair you can read our article about the best electric wheel chair reviews which lists top five electric wheelchairs along with their reviews.