Best Electric Wheelchair 2018:Review and buyers Guide

Wheelchair itself was a great technological invention.But the effort to make wheelchairs  self propelled also began with the invention of wheelchairs.Electric wheelchair is the latest breakthrough in that race.They enable the user to navigate without any external help and provides speed and flexibility.A lot of brands today are making electric wheelchairs.But finding the best of them requires some research and experience.That is where this guide about the best electric wheelchair will help you.Our authors worked for hours to compile this article.

Electric wheelchairs have stiff rival competition from mobility scooters.But still electric wheelchairs are preferred more over mobility scooters.You can read more about best mobility scooters here.The use of electric chairs helps the users to navigate with out any physical efforts.This is very convenient for persons suffering from extreme disability and fatigue.Their structure is similar to conventional wheelchairs except the additional use of batteries and motor.


Top 5 Electric Wheelchairs Reviews on amazon


Here is top five list according to our research team

1.Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Review

One of the best features of this wheelchair was the portability ,fold ability and lightweight. It makes it excellent for transport and travelling. Attractive carbon frame gives it a premium finish.The seat belt provides extra security.Also the seat has a pouch for storage purposes.Also comes with additional features like calf strap,swing away foot rests,wheel locks,heel loops etc.The upholstery feels very comfortable.Another attractive feature is foldability,which means you can easily transport the wheelchair.The wheelchair also passed ANSI Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

RESNA  testing which means its good quality wise.



Flexibile and portable

Foldable type so can be easily transport.

Feels well built and comfortable.Also very powerfull.


Rear wheel drive may feel little jerky on turns.Just slow down a bit .


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2. Foldawheel PW-1000XL power Wheelchair Review


Foldawheel PW-1000XL is one of the heavy duty portable wheelchairs out there.They weighs about 50 lbs and offers a maximum speed of about 5 miles/hr.Also the whole structure is fold-able and can easily fit into your car trunk.Also the time taken for folding and opening is very less.It can carry a weight of about 355 lbs and have ample room with 18 inch seats.The four spring suspension system along with great tires gives smooth riding comfort.This electric wheelchair can easily travel through heavy grass,gravel and sturdy surfaces.The battery charges fairly fast and can provide about 6 miles travel time with single charge.Overall this is a great wheelchair which can withstand rough usage and surfaces and also portable.Foldawheel-PW-1000XL


Easily fold-able and transportable.

Charges fast and good durability

Can travel on very rough surfaces

Great built quality


Footrest some times can be uncomfortable but a good leg support solves this easily


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3. Giantex Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Review

Another well designed heavy duty wheelchair which is rather new in the market.Yet they climbed into the top five list because of the quality in performance.It can carry a load of about 330 lbs while weighing only about 55 lbs.Its very light weight and fold-able.Breathable seat and back cushions provide nice support for the back.The joystick controller is also great with 360 degree maneuverability and waterproofing.It navigates fairly easy through almost all surfaces.Two 180 W brush less DC motors are used for motion along with one 10AH lithium battery.The charging time is 6 hrs and can travel above 15 KM with single charge.Overall it gives good value for the money as they are priced way lower.




Prices lower than other similar brands

Good joystick and durability

Comfortable seats


Not suitable for heavy weighted persons.


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4.Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider Review

Golden technology creates some of the most elegant wheelchair models.They are available in few great colors as well.Another great feature is the under seat basket which can be used to store a lot of items.The seats are also premium finish and comfortable also.The wheelchair can carry a weight of about 300 lbs.The entire product weighs around 67 lbs and can be disassembled easily for transportation.The turning radius of 26 inch makes in great for indoor usage.It works great in narrow hallways and doorways.It dis assembles into three parts and can be easily fitted into a car trunk.Overall it is one of the best electric wheelchairs if you plan on using it mainly on indoors and works well with small spaces.Another important feature was that it can rotate itself on dime.Golden-Technologies-GP162-LiteRider-PTC



Great for indoor use.

Basket under seat for storage.

26 ” Rotate radius



Not that good for hard outdoor surfaces

Only 300 lbs weighing capacity.

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5. EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12 Review.

Ez lite cruiser was one of the leading products in electric wheelchair markets.They are rated very high even though they costs a little more than others.This wheelchair can be folded and unfolded very quickly.The wheelchair weighs only 58 lbs with out the battery and 65 lbs with battery.The back support has 5 reclining positions for better comfort.Offers 10 + miles with a single charge.Comes with 10 AH lithium battery which is very durable.The joystick can be also mounted on both of the arm rests so both left and right.This makes both left and right handlers to control joystick easily.Also you can combine two batteries for longer drive duration.The machine also has a lot of customization accessories that helps the usage. Also their customer support is very notable.Overall you can easily go for this is one of the best electric wheel chair we reviewed.Cruiser-Deluxe-Foldable-Personal-Mobility.


Lightweight and durable.

Easy to transport

Reclined seat positions

Good customer service.


Price is little bit higher but quality is good.


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How to chose the best electric wheelchair for your use?

Electric wheelchairs are great for people with severe disability who cannot navigate using conventional wheelchairs.With electric wheelchairs the user just has to control a joystick to move freely.Most of the wheelchairs listed above can be used to travel almost any surfaces.The battery often provided will be lithium cells and will last long.With a single charge they can provide about 8-9 miles.The battery back up is one of the major factors to consider while buying product.

Factors to consider while buying electric wheel chairs

Below we have listed some of the major factors to consider before buying a power wheel chair.

Weight of the User

The weight of the person using the equipment is of utmost important.Since most wheelchairs supports average weighted persons special heavy duty wheelchairs are required for heavy persons.You should check for the maximum weight carrying capacity and seat length of the equipment.

Nature of the Usage

The terrain where the wheelchair is used is another factor.Many electric chairs can navigate through hard and grassy surface.Some are best for outdoor usage providng more power and torque while others are good for indoors providing better control and steering.Always choose the one suited for your purpose.

Portability and Weight

The weight is another thing to consider since it affects the portability.Always chose one with foldable options for better portability.You can read our article about best portable wheelchair for better understanding.