Best wheelchairs 2018: Review and Comparison Guide

Having physical mobility issues or unable to walk can occur once in everyone’s lifetime. Wheelchairs are one of the oldest inventions to counter that problem. You may never know when life throws you a situation like that. But another secondary problem is choosing the best wheelchair for your needs. You may only need them for a few days, few weeks and in some cases few years. That’s why we take our time to create this blog to review all the available wheelchair brands and products out there and then prepare a comprehensive guide.

Even in the wheelchair world there are a lot of types available to choose from. Depending on your age, span of use, physical factors etc. There are even electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters out there. But in this particular article we will review only the standard wheelchair products only. You can find our posts about best electric wheelchair and mobility scooter reviews also in this website.

What are the facts to consider while choosing the best  wheelchair for you?

There are a lot of factors before choosing a product. Firstly you need to consider the age of the user. Is it a kid or child, or an old person? If you want to purchase a kids wheelchair then you can read our guide for best pediatric wheelchair. And there are specific wheelchairs for elderly people also. Here we are discussing the major standard products available in the market. The review is based on user experience and ratings. We also interviewed some of the experts in this field.

1.Drive Medical Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair

Drive medical cruiser was one of the most affordable and lightweight wheelchairs out there. Its very lightweight so that you can easily carry it to your car and can be deployed with ease. Also considering the fact that it’s so in expensive and you can get one with same rate as of renting a wheelchair. The chair got a strong carbon steel frame and silver vein finish. The armrests are padded for additional comfort and the whole chair weighs only around 35 Lbs. The seat height can be adjusted very easily with the built in rail adjustment. The wheels are also very lightweight and maintenance free. Another notable feature was the various front rigging and arm styles


available. Dual axle removable arm back provides more flexibility. Also we found that the leg rest are also removable and very easy to do so. Overall this is one of the top of our list due to the various positive sides. If you need a handy narrow wheelchair f

or regular use this is one of the best wheelchair for you.


Very inexpensive

Ultra Light weight

Easy to Handle

Low maintenance


No designed for heavy duty.

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2.Invacare Veranda Manual Wheelchair

The most cheap wheelchair available for the money and you get a fairly decent one for the money you spent. In fact Invacare wheelchair provides you value for your money. It got a full sized rear wheel and elevated foot rest. Very helpful feature to reduce swelling and pain from broken legs. Also it will fit through almost every doorway and very easy to navigate. It looks bigger but fits through easily. Also an average sized person can comfortably use this wheel chair with ease. One of the great features was that its super easy to adjust the leg rest. You just have to press a lever to keep it down and to elevate just position it to you desired angle and it locks automatically. The wheelchair itself turns and rolls very easily. There is also a hand bar outside of the big wheels so that you steer without making your hand dirty. Folding and opening the chair is a snap. You simply squeeze it together and pull it back apart. No troublesome locks or levers to mess with. It’s also rather light weight so it’s easy to move or load into your vehicle. This was one of the best wheelchairs we have reviewed and also considering that it will cost you around 50$ to rent one, its priced very cheap. Go for this and you won’t be disappointed and your don’t have to break your pockets.Invacare-Veranda-Wheelchair-Desk-length-Swingaway


Slightly Padded seat and leg rest.

Easy to Navigate and light weight.

Very Cheap Price.

Standard sized wheels.


Not suitable for heavy weighted person.


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3.Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

This is another one with affordable cost and very high user reviews. Its design looks very good and can be navigated easily. Detachable desk arms and premium elevated leg rests provide customization support. It got an 18” padded nylon seats which are very comfortable to use with ease. The frame is finished with durable steel. The seat and upholstery are very easy to clean and maintenance. The tires are made of good rubber and provide smooth riding. There is also the added safety of push to lock design. Overall the wheelchair weighs around 40 pounds you can push a button to list the armrests which makes it easy to maneuver. The brakes look very solid and will last long. Also another convenient feature was the pockets sewn on the back so that carrying something is easy. It also comes with an Allen wrench if you want to make any adjustments. Overall one of the best product for the money. We strongly recommend this one for both short term and long term use.Drive-Medical-Streak-Wheelchair-Elevating



Very Cheap Price.

Easy to Use.

Adjustable armrests.

Solid Braking


Can be a little Lighter.

Not suitable for heavy weighted people.

The handlebars do not come out as far as the ones on the transport chair.


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4.Medline Lightweight Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair

This is another one of the best folding wheelchairs out there. It got 12 inch rear wheels tires for better maneuverability. The portable backside can be folded for easy storage and transportation. The frame looks good and durable. Its made of powdered aluminum coating. Since the wheelchair is designed as a transport wheelchair you need some one to navigate this. The wheels are small and cannot be self operated. The chair has handbrakes for the operator and got good turn radius. The weight is only 23 pounds and easy to carry around. Another notable feature is the presence of a seat belt for safety. The footrests have adjustments .Medline-Lightweight-Transport-Wheelchair-Handbrakes


Well Built

Light Weight

Easy to transport


Little uncomfortable if you above 5 ‘8 feet tall.

Not self operable.


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5 Medline Lightweight and User-Friendly Wheelchair

Another good product from the med line. As the title implies its very user friendly indeed. The desk length arms makes it easy for dining and also the leg rests are detachable. The upholstery is made of nylon material and looks comfortable. It is very light weight and can support upto 300 pounds of weight. Also the price of this product is so low and affordable. The wheelchair can easily fit through a 32’’ doorway. The chair has swing back and the tyres are very good and sturdy. Overall a good choice if you are little low on the budget and need light weight wheelchair.Medline-Lightweight-User-Friendly-Wheelchair-Desk-Length


Cheap Price



Not suitable for heavy duty.


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These are the few of best wheelchair reviews we have done so far.There are a lot of great products out there but since we cannot cover all of them we will stop with this 5 products.But we also had compiled a lot of specialised wheelchair reviews incluiding pediatric,bariatric,portable wheelchair reviews.Keep checking the site for more info